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Waterloo offers a number of Adult classes, including Learn to Swim, Intro to Lap Swimming and US Masters swimming. In our learn to swim classes, we offer both group and private lessons. We understand each adult comes to us with a different swimming (or lack thereof) background and develop a program to help them exceed their goals. ** No evaluation required** See this link for more on how we teach adults.

Our Adult Lesson classes are: Adult Beginner and Adult Advanced. In the Adult Beginner class we work on introduction to the water building to 20 feet of free and backstroke. In the Adult Advanced classes we move to the Olympic pool and work on stroke technique and endurance. At the end of the Advanced class, a swimmer is ready for the Intro to Lap Swimming class.

The US Masters swimming workouts are designed for both swimmers wanting fitness as well as swimmers who would like to compete in swim meets. These workouts are also ideal for triathletes training for their first or next event. We design the workouts to challenge each skill level. Usually the swimmers are placed into swim lanes by their ability…so you will be swimming with someone of similar speed. You will be instructed by a certified swim coach.

Adult Swim Programs We Offer

Adult Lessons

Group Lessons
We offer small group settings of four to five adults in a 45 minute class. We will teach you how to swim or how to improve your swimming skills. We may divide the group into similar levels so as to make teaching more efficient.
Cost: $25/class, billed monthly.

  • Beginners
    Small group of five adults in a 45 minute class located in our 3 ft pool. In the Beginners class we will work on comfort in the water, independence, and basic stroke technique. There are no requirements for the beginner class!  Let us help you reach your goals, it’s never too late!
  • Advanced
    Small group of six adults in a 45 minute class located in our Olympic pool. Requirements for Advanced are independent kicking on stomach, back, able to float on back, and comfort with face in the water. In the Advanced we will work on comfort in depth of 5ft, building up endurance, jump recovery’s, furthering stroke technique to meet whatever goals you have!

Private Lessons
There are numerous reasons for adults not knowing how to swim or swim very well. Sometimes it is best for adults to have one on one teaching with an instructor who is patient and encouraging while one is learning to swim. Lessons are 30 minutes.
Cost: $60/thirty-minute class or 6 private lessons for $300.

Semi-Private Lessons
The cost is $42/adult per 30-minute lesson. Semi-private lessons work best with two students of the same swimming ability. You are responsible for providing the two students as we cannot guarantee the ability to find a second student of the same ability.
Cost: $42/person per 30-minute lesson or $210/person for six semi-private lessons.
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Intro to Lap Swimming

Intro to Lap Swimming is a bridge from swim lessons to swimming as fitness for ages 18 and up, and Masters swimmers wanting to improve a stroke technique. The goal of the lap swim class is to either instill confidence to join masters swimming or do this on the side to teach more technique training alongside your regular swim workouts.

Every week will include: Swim equipment, reading a practice, drills, turns, reading the clock, advanced technique (taught through drills)

Class Structure:
(10 min) Individual warm ups – There will be a written warm up but it will be customizable to each participant
(15 min) Stroke of the week – Drills, turns, swim equipment etc.
(15 min) Swim set (“the workout part”)
(5 min) Cool down

Requirements: Must be able to swim at least one length freestyle with side breath and one length backstroke in the competitive pool

What you will learn:

  • Become knowledgeable and gain better technique in all four competitive strokes
  • Learn flip turns and open turns
  • Learn how to read a practice to get the most out of your swimming workout
  • How to read the clock
  • How to go off a starting block
  • How to properly use swim equipment
  • Advanced technique for the four competitive strokes
  • Drills to incorporate into workouts to perfect technique
  • Gain Confidence
  • Get the most out of your swimming workout

Schedule: See below for openings

$25 per class billed monthly.

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USA Masters Swimming, Adult Fitness and Triathlon Training

Waterloo Swimming Master Gold ProgramFor adults who are able to swim freestyle and backstroke 50 yards, unassisted. We will lead adults in workouts using drills and swim sets to refine freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. General instruction will be provided for adults who do not know breaststroke or butterfly, or flip turns. Great program for those wishing to get in shape, stay in shape, train for triathlons, or cross training. Training times are mornings and noon. These classes are perfect for triathletes, fitness training and competitive swimmers. These classes require USA Masters Swimming Registration.

Requirements: Swim freestyle and backstroke unassisted for 50 yards

Equipment: Swim bag, Kickboard, Goggles, Fins, Pull Buoy and Pulling Paddles

Group Information: Masters Swimmers can come to any workout offered. If you are interested in joining come try a workout out for free!

AM Practice
Monday – Thursday: 6:00am – 7:30am
Friday: 6:00am – 7:00am
Saturday: 6:30am – 7:30am

Noon Practice Monday – Friday: 12:00p – 1:00pm

Cost: $90 per month (may attend any of the practices). Drop in fee is $15.00 per practice.

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Aqua Zumba – by 2E2wellFit

Class is taught by a Zumba / Aqua Zumba certified instructor, and former competitive swimmer.

The water workout class is a combination of cardio and toning/strengthening exercise routines. The class performs to engaging workout music. It includes a warm up, and cool-down period. The intensity of the core workout period, is up to the comfort and ability of each student. A student has the freedom to customize the workout to their own needs.

The workout includes Aqua Zumba for cardio, as well as toning and strengthening routines. The music is carefully selected for each part of the workout. Warm-up music will get a student moving quickly to engage different muscle groups. The core workout is upbeat and keeps cardio at a steady level, appropriate for customization of intensity. The cool down music is soothing and appropriate to slowing heart rate and encourage muscle rest and relaxation.

When the water workout is performed on a regular basis and as part of a well-balanced lifestyle, the class provides an opportunity to improve overall fitness. This is a great way to release stress by increasing the production of happy hormones. It also increases cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. All of it without over-stressing joints, knees, hips, or back.

Equipment: Water shoes, pool noodle, water bottle, towel, swim gloves,

Fridays 12:00p – 1:00p

$10 per class

1) Go to and check “Going” to one of the three registration events.
2) Text Linda at (512) 422-1249

Aqua Zumba is a third party class taught by Linda Lewis. For more information on these classes email Linda directly at

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