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Bond with your baby in a safe and fun environment. 

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Little Loo Free Lessons

Waterloo Infants

FREE 20 minute class that introduces baby and parent to the foundations of water safety and movement.

Through various activities and routines baby and parent will gain knowledge and confidence in the water while preparing for skill development in Waterloo Babies. The class is offered to infants as young as 6 months and up to 12 months. An infant swimmer may test up to Waterloo Babies at 10 months with instructor approval. One adult must be in the water with the swimmer at all times. These are the goals that will be presented to our newest swimmers:

  • Comfort and acclimation to water
  • Parent and child communication in and around water to increase swimmer safety
  • Build parent and child’s confidence in the water together
  • Foster bond between infant and parent
  • Gentle introduction to foundational movements and skills in the water

To find out more about our other Little Loo and swim lessons programming please visit our swim lessons pages.

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