Welcome to Waterloo Swimming Registrations

Thank you for your interest in Waterloo Swimming. We are excited to offer a wide variety of swim lessons, adult swim classes, swim fitness and year round competitive swimming. As you might imagine with our new facility, our registration policies and fees have changed slightly.

For each Family Account created there is a $40.00 initial registration fee. This fee is non-refundable and not prorated. This fee will renew annually on the anniversary of your registration and is in addition to your lesson fees.

To get started click on the BEGIN REGISTRATION button. This button will open the Waterloo Swimming Registration form in a new window. To register please follow these steps:

1. Complete all of the required fields on the registration form, including each swimmer’s name and information.
2. Search for each of the classes you wish to register your swimmer(s) for.  You can sort and search for the class(es) you want for each swimmer. If you have more than one swimmer in your family, enter each additional swimmer and select the class or group for each of your swimmers.

Select Classes

3. If you are unsure what class or level you should register your swimmer for, we recommend you sign them up for the same level they ended at in the previous year. This is especially true if they have not been swimming since last summer. If you have questions about what level they were in last year, please email info@waterlooswimming.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.To select the class you want to register for, simply click on the class name and it will add it to your registration screen.

Sort Classes

4. Once you have entered all of your swimmers and selected their respective classes, you will need to read and accept the new Waterloo Swimming Policies. By checking and entering your full name you acknowledge and accept our new policies and procedures.

5. Finally you need to enter your billing information. Please know that we do not run credit cards immediately. Each registration is reviewed to make sure that the swimmer(s) are in the appropriate group and any discounts, fees or other billing changes are applied. Soon after registration you will receive a statement that your card will be charged for the Annual Registration Fee along with instructions about coming in for an evaluation to finalize class/team registration and tuition.

6. Once you have completed the form click the Submit Registration Button. If everything was entered correctly you should see a confirmation page as well as receive an email confirmation with all of your registration information. Please retain that email for your records.

Customer Account

Once you have registered with Waterloo Swimming you can always log back into your account by clicking on the link at the top of the page and entering your email or ID and password. If this is your first time accessing your account click the link that says “Forgot your password or need to get started?” This link will take you to a page where you can enter your email and a new password will be emailed to you.

Swimmer Evaluation

Please remember that unless otherwise stated by Coach Mike or another Waterloo instructor each swimmer will need to be evaluated before their registration is complete to ensure they are in the best class for their success. Your account will only reflect your $40.00 annual registration fee until you have been evaluated or confirmed by a Waterloo coach or instructor.

Waterloo Swim Team

**There is an additional $175 per swimmer swim team fee in addition to the annual USA Swimming fee invoice in September every year. If you are registering for Waterloo’s USA Swimming Team additional instructions will be emailed to you after your evaluation and registration have been approved by our staff. These instructions will include how to transfer teams with USA Swimming as well as setting up your Team Unify account for USA Swimming Membership and meet commitments.

Private Lessons

If you are interested in private lessons register your swimmer and put your private lesson request and availability in the comments section at the bottom of the initial registration page. We will work with you to develop a schedule that works for both you and your instructor.
Private Lessons

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Pool temperatures:
Lessons Pool - 89°
Olympic Pool - 82°

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