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We thank our customers for their patronage and support. We believe that Waterloo Swim School offers the best Swim Programs in Austin…but don’t take our word for it. Here’s some customer reviews:

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Waterloo Swimming
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 26 reviews
by Ziyu Huang on Waterloo Swimming
Best swimming lesson in central Austin!

We have both kids with waterloo during the summer, and it has been amazing to see how they progressed in two months. They learned new skills, prepared themselves for the long term success and interest in swimming. The coaches are knowledgeable and fun, very focused in teaching. I would recommend waterloo to any parents who live in central and north Austin!

by Mima Oiesen on Waterloo Swimming
Great team!

Thank you for welcoming us to your team this past summer! My daughter really liked coaches from day one and their challenging workouts are showing results already after lengthy Covid break we had before we joined WLOO. Thank you for providing safe and fun environment for swimmers! <3

by Les Greenwood on Waterloo Swimming
Comprehensive Programming

Owner Mike has built and maintains a tier-one facility. He has engineered an excellent swimmer development program and a highly successful competitive team. His lessons director, Stephanie, is swimmer focused and attentive to align each swimmer with the correct coach/instructor. Jocelin and Ryan are two quite knowledgeable and super conscientious Instructors. Masters Coach Amber will correct your technique and point you down the lane... ready go!

by Shannon Williamson on Waterloo Swimming
Wonderful experience

After years of doing other sports our son wanted to try swimming and Waterloo was the perfect fit! Stephanie has helped us navigate the process of swim lessons to swim fit to his first swim meet this weekend. He is loving the environment and is so encouraged by all the staff. Thanks Waterloo!

by Carrie Prehoda on Waterloo Swimming
Great Place

We've been going to Waterloo for a few months, after being at another swim facility for four years. Waterloo is AMAZING! The facility is great, the pool is clean, and the staff is awesome. And a special shout out to Ms. Julie who helped get my son back into the groove after being away for three weeks. For some reason he was scared to go to the pool area, so she helped us out by calmly and sweetly working with him until he was in the pool and having a great time like he usually does. Love Waterloo.

by Sarah H. on Waterloo Swimming
Thank you Sydney and Cosy!

My two year old son has been taking lessons at our community (Siena) through Waterloo for about a month. I have been impressed with how well the instructors (Sydney and Cosy) interact with him and the other children they teach. I love how they're flexible with the ever changing moods and wants of a two year old child as well as willingness to encourage them to push their limits, even if the child is hesitant. They are very open with communication and consistently offer feedback and suggestions, and they are open to suggestions from me as the parent to help my child succeed and progress.

by Robin on Waterloo Swimming
Amazing Coaches

We have been with Waterloo for the past year and have two swimmers currently. They have matured as swimmers starting as beginners to swim fit and swim team. The coaches are extremely professional with great experience as competitive swimmers them selves as well as great with kids of all age. I have and will continue to recommend friends to Waterloo swimming. Keep up the great work.

by Katherine Woodson on Waterloo Swimming
Great Experience

We started our daughter in thr late summer, and couldn’t be happier. My daughter’s teachers are wonderful. All have been very knowledgeable and professional, and we have seen her swimming skills advance tremendously. Everyone is very friendly and you can tell they care about their students. We are happy with all that she’s learning at Waterloo.

by Alice DeMarco on Waterloo Swimming
Great job!

We have been taking our granddaughters to Waterloo since March 2017. In that time we have seen a trermendous growth in our oldest granddaughter swimming ability. Thanks to Ms Katie and her caring instructors for helping her overcome her timidness about swimming in the big pool. Thanks to all the instructors for being so patient with the younger one as she grows up in her swimming abilities. Everyone staff member that we have come into contact with are so helpful and friendly. Our family appreciate all that you do.

by Miranda on Waterloo Swimming
Waterloo is amazing!!

I came from the largest swim team in Texas and moved to Waterloo in August of last year. I have improved so much in the past year it's absolutely amazing. The coaches here are so kind and patient and really push you to do your best every day. The pool is very nice and clean and I love swimming in it. Keep doing what you're doing Waterloo, because it's working! Thank you for making me the swimmer I am today and helping me so I can keep improving.

by Abby Naden on Waterloo Swimming
Waterloo Rocks!

I was sick of a different swim team so I tried Waterloo. I knew from first look that the coaches rock and I would love it. I am swimming with Waterloo now and I am so happy I choose this place. It is like a second home, with such close friends I would think they are family, AMAZING coaches who have helped me improve so much, and a great environment to be in! If you are looking for a swim team, CHOOSE WATERLOO! I am so happy I did, and I know you will be too!

by Kari Cabrera on Waterloo Swimming
First impressions...

You can never make a first impression again, ever.

Today I brought my son to Waterloo for a evaluation and I was blown away. Those that know me... That is hard to do.

1. The people were genuinely kind and helpful

2. The swim coaches were gracious, encouraging and thoughtful.

3 The facility was immaculate and tidy and of course wet!

Again, Wow and bravo Waterloo, you've got me!

by Carrie Cavalier on Waterloo Swimming
Perfect place for young swimmers!

My daughter was a timid swimmer but loved the water. We signed her up for a few private lessons last summer at age 6. Within 3 lessons, she was swimming with her head underwater and changed out her swim mask for goggles! Quite impressive!! The instructor was amazingly patient and gave her the confidence to become an good swimmer in just a few weeks. We highly recommend Waterloo!

by Heather on Waterloo Swimming
Great Support

This is our second year at Waterloo Swim School. My children are 4 and 6 this summer. They have taken the Blitz classes both summers and I'm amazed at how quickly they've picked up new skills.
The instructors take the time to make the kids comfortable before they start any of the skill work. I think it makes all the difference.
Kyle was their instructor for the majority of last summer and my son thought Kyle was the greatest guy ever. He spent extra time with him and I appreciated that immensely - my son had been terrified of the pool and by the end of the summer he was confident in his abilities. Both kids were thrilled to see Kyle and give him a hug at the beginning of this summer. This year we've been with Jordan and Kristin and I'm again impressed with how they encourage the kids to work a little harder and try to learn new skills.
Whenever I've emailed with questions, Gwyn responds promptly so the customer service element is just one more bonus to an excellent program.
I heartily recommend Waterloo Swim School to all of our friends. Thanks for the fantastic program and for the wonderful instructors!

by Kellyn Bradford on Waterloo Swimming
Amazing Coaches

My kids both swim year round. I just moved my daughter to Waterloo to swim in the Gold group. My daughter takes a while to warm up to coaches but after two practices she LOVED Coach Daniel. Both my kids say Coach Daniel is cool! He is super responsive to my emails and great with the kids. My son swims in the senior group, and Coach Mike is simply one of the best coaches we have had the privilege to swim for in a year round swimming program. We are super excited about swimming for Waterloo and can't wait to see what the future holds for our swimmers and for the Waterloo swim program.

by Charles V. on Waterloo Swimming


First, I’d like to thank you for all you encouragement. You truly gave me the confidence I needed to signup for a triathlon. A few weeks ago along with my oldest sons, Anthony and Nicholas, we signed up for a pool triathlon and completed it with ease and all had a great time.

by L. Greene on Waterloo Swimming

Waterloo’s instructors are excellent and in a very short time have not only taught my 4 year-old to save his life in the water, but have also instilled in him the fun of swimming. The entire Waterloo team – from Gwyn and Mike to the team in the water every lesson – is professional, fun, kind and helpful. My thanks to you all.

by Wendy on Waterloo Swimming

I have had my son in Pre Competitive swim class this summer. The personal attention, patience and expertise of his coach has made this a wonderful experience. So glad we found Waterloo!

by Albert R. on Waterloo Swimming

Great training tips from an experienced instructor. Mike was able to design a training program based on my desired results and my ability. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient. I’d highly recommend this class for all swimmers.

by T. A. on Waterloo Swimming

Waterloo Swim School is wonderful. They have been teaching my son for 2 summers now and he swims like a fish. The instructors are patient and fun and the classes are small so he has learned a lot. I would highly recommend waterloo swim school to anyone who asks!

by Karen T. on Waterloo Swimming

I wanted to thank Waterloo Swim School for a fantastic experience. Both my kids (51/2 and 2/1/2) have become much more confident and competent swimmers and they had a great time! The instructors were great and were able to push the kids to get better while having fun. The management was flexible in scheduling around our family making life much easier for a busy mom of two kids. We’ve taken swim lessons other places but in my opinion, Waterloo is the best value, best quality and the best fun! Thanks again for everything, we look forward to more swimming with you guys next summer!

by T. Howell on Waterloo Swimming

I loved the experience that we had at Waterloo Swim School. This was my 3 year old daughter’s 2nd year to take swim lessons at the school; last year was parent/child lessons and this year she was solo. I was so happy to see how the swim instructors were caring and patient with her. The focus on getting her comfortable with the water, showing consistency with each lesson and watching the progression of her swimming ability through the summer was amazing!

by M. J. on Waterloo Swimming

Our son had the best time learning how to swim. The instructors made learning fun while doing different swimming techniques. He looked forward to every swim lesson.

by K. C. on Waterloo Swimming

“Our two year old son spent the summer swimming with Waterloo and learned so much! The instructors were very professional and made the lessons fun. Our son went from being new to the water to holding his breath for several seconds, swimming between instructors, and being much more comfortable in the water. We look foward to working with Waterloo in the next session!

by Harry W. on Waterloo Swimming

“Wish to thank you and your staff for this summer’s experience for my son Oliver. Had fears for my son’s false confidence in his swimming ability. He knew enough to get into trouble due to his lack of proper training and experience. Today, I am more comfortable in his ability to be able to enjoy the water due to his proficiency and skills learned at your school. Hope that you have a program for mid-teens this coming summer. We will be registering for that course when your school starts again next summer.

Forever grateful to you and your staff for these life-long lessons, that could save his life in the future.

by Tracey C. on Waterloo Swimming

Dear Waterloo Staff,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful program you have started and for teaching my daughter to swim!

Anna spent the first 7 years of her life in Colorado where she had very little opportunity to swim or be around backyard pools. When we moved to Texas, we not only bought a house with a pool but found ourselves in or around a pool/the lake often. During that time we were very nervous about her being around the water since she didn’t have the basic swimming skills most kids her age already had.

A friend suggested Waterloo and we quickly enrolled her in the program. Over the course of a summer with Waterloo she went from a rough doggie paddle to knowing and attempting all four strokes. In fact she had improved so much in her swimming; we felt she could join the summer swim team the following year.

During our time with Waterloo, we have found the instructors to be very good at working with beginner swimmers. They are fun, patient and do a great job of communicating the swim lessons. For the parents the location and times of classes are very convenient and the administrative staff is very friendly and flexible to work with.

We plan to continue lessons with Waterloo so that our daughter can develop her swim stroke skills and improve her individual performance in competitive swimming.

Thanks so much for the great instruction!

Warmest Regards,

Just a note to say THANK YOU for your meticulous communication and safety strategies that have been put in place. I seriously have never worried about the steps Waterloo is doing to ensure a healthy environment. We appreciate everyone’s efforts!

-Christine A.

Greetings! We are excited Waterloo reopened and going good! Thanks to the entire team for your dedicated support!!

-Sundar S.

My daughter and I think Waterloo is doing an amazing job keeping everyone safe and making things work!! 😃

-Kaema R.

Thank you for doing a great job with maintaining the social distancing measures. We really appreciate it and would like to compliment the Waterloo staff and coaches for that.

-Manisha G.

Thank you so much for keeping everyone informed, and for doing such a great job of managing things during these very challenging circumstances.

-Estrella D.

Huge hat tip to Waterloo for all the social distancing and vector management! Waterloo is a LEADER in taking care of people.

-Linnea L.

Thanks for your transparency. You guys are doing such a great job keeping things going during these incredibly challenging times.

-Allison K.

Swimming has been & is a huge part of our family. Copleys just seem to take to water like fish do. Not only is swimming a life saving skill to learn, but is something that you can always use in life. The smell of the chlorine, the feel of the water, the feeling of what you just accomplished – all just amazing. We enjoy competitive swimming, triathlons, open water swim competitions, snorkeling, snuba, scooba diving, etc. Just so much fun.

Some of the Copley family accomplishments with swimming:

  • High School Swimming
  • College Swim Scholarship
  • 5 – Ironman finishes 2014, 2018, 2019
  • Team USA Age Group Triathlon – Switzerland 2019
  • Splash ‘n Dash Age Group Champions
  • 8 – 1/2 Ironman Finishes
  • Elite National Draft legal triathlons

Swimming is just a great family fun sport. A great sport to jump into and just keep swimming!

Copley Family

Waterloo Swimmers

I’ve been a swimmer for 7 years and have spent the last 3 years at Waterloo. I love swimming because it’s fun, competitive and I’ve made some good friends since we spend so much time together. It has boosted my confidence in so many ways that helps me every day. I love the different coaches at Waterloo because they are always cheering for me to believe in myself and work harder. They listen and have helped me work through so many different things. As a distance swimmer, I’ve set club records and personal records and have even had some rough meets when I haven’t achieved my goal. But, after some rest, I’m always inspired to try again. Thank you Waterloo for all you have done to make swimming fun as I focus towards a college swim scholarship. -Delaney Alt
Delaney Alt

Waterloo Swimmer

I love to swim! I started taking lessons in the Orange group during February 2018. I used to be so nervous and scared to swim. It didn’t matter if I was learning something new or moving into a different group, I was nervous. All the instructors/coaches helped me be brave and taught me how to be a great swimmer. In August I joined the Bronze 1 swim team, and it has been so much fun. I can’t wait to swim every day after school. I love everything about Waterloo, my friends, the logo, the colors, but especially my coaches. I’m working hard on swimming faster and I know with the help of my coaches I will meet my 2020 goals. – Addie
Addie Robinson

Waterloo Swimmer

We heard about Waterloo through a friend, and we are so glad that we went with it for our girls’ swim lessons! All the coaches we have encountered are warm and friendly, and we can tell they have a passion for swimming and helping kids learn, big or small. I know, because kids don’t lie, even our 7-yr-old Alyssa says she loves her coach. 🙂 Her love for swimming truly has grown a lot since we started her lessons a few months ago. From being afraid of water touching her face, to now looking forward to each week’s swimming time. As for our 2-yr-old Amelia, she just loves the water from the very start, especially floating backwards like a little sea otter in her daddy’s arms. When summer comes along, we look forward to seeing the girls ready to enjoy the water to beat the heat!
The Poon Family

Waterloo Customer

The Sears Family- After her first summer league season our daughter Sophia asked us if there was a way to continue swimming even though summer league was over. We looked around and found Waterloo, and she joined swim team in August 2018. She loves being a part of the team, and her confidence, focus, and patience have improved greatly. Because of the excellent coaching and guidance from her coaches, she has met every goal she has set for herself and has told us that even though practice is hard work she feels ‘amazing’. The journey so far has been incredible to watch, and we definitely plan to enroll our younger son Ben in lessons at Waterloo as soon as he’s ready. We’re so happy to be a Waterloo family!
The Sears Family

Waterloo Customer

We moved from Mexico City last year and immediately started searching for a place where Julian would continue with his swimming practice as he was involved in his previous school´s swimming team. He has learned and improved a lot during this past 9 months, he loves Waterloo and looks forward every day to going there, see his teacher and meet his friends! Having this fine discipline at his early age has helped him grow up in other chores.. like school, being formal, competitive and focused. We as a family appreciate the effort and dedication the Coaches put day-in/day-out with our kid, we are happy! Thanks.
Sevilla Ruiz Family

Waterloo Customer

Gitali started at Waterloo almost a year back when we moved to Austin from San Diego. She has been swimming from when she was 15 months old. The staff and instructors here at Waterloo are excellent and very supportive. We get timely report of her progress and easy online access of her each class session. She has learned many advanced techniques here in a short span of time. She look forward to every Monday and Wednesday for her swim classes. Special mention to the idea of putting diet/nutrition chart of a swimmer on pin board. My daughter has pic of it in her room, which reminds her how to get energy to become a great swimmer one day.
Anand Family

Waterloo Customer

Ella (7) has been with Waterloo since last August and started in the intermediate program when she mastered skills with coach Amber she was able to move up to Bronze 1. Through the amazing coaches at Waterloo we have seen Ella drop her times at consecutive meets and surpass her goals! The coaching staff teaches her how to integrate nutrition as well which is so beneficial to young athletes and their longevity in a sport. Our youngest daughter Erin (4) also started swimming with Waterloo and we are encouraged with her progress. The patience of the coaches for the young swimmers is amazing to watch. We have been so happy since becoming apart of the Waterloo Family!
Harrison Family

Waterloo Customer

We wanted Gauri to learn swimming as a life skill and were looking for a good swim school as soon as we moved to Austin back in 2015. While shopping for one, we soon came to know about the new swim school about to open around the corner. We liked the idea but at the same time were skeptical. Anyway, our minds were blown away as we took our first visit…with the huge facility, warm-welcoming environment and happy coaches. We decided instantly “Waterloo Swimming” is the place for us. Gauri was tested and put in orange level. She came home one day and said she wants to go twice a week instead of one. She loves swimming and I can see the passion in her growing deeply for swimming. Waterloo has provided her the right environment for growth by evaluating her every month and showing, discussing her progress with us. Her dream was to make it to swim team at Waterloo, which for us seemed so far away. But that day arrived on Jan 30th 2019 when she was evaluated by Ms. Katie and was given the intermediate graduate wristband. I could see her glorying away to joy holding that band in her hand….that was the moment we all were waiting for. I am proud of her for all her hard-work but most of all, I am VERY THANKFUL to Waterloo for giving her the right environment and letting her dreams come true.
Thekkittil Family

Waterloo Customer

Waterloo Swimming is amazing! The awesome staff, instructors, facility- impressed overall! My 9 year old has grown so much as a swimmer!

The previous school we were at prior to Waterloo, there were so many months of no progression or learning new skills at all. Once she was starting to not love swimming anymore, we decided it was time to search other swim schools in the area. I called swim schools around our home and a swim team- Fast Frogs recommended Waterloo. We were excited immediately once we walked in for the evaluation. The staff made us feel so welcome and you could see they were excited to have us! Mya started progressing tremendously within the first month and her love for swimming returned immediately! Each and every staff member we’ve met are so genuine and love what they do! The instructors also shed happy tears when their students graduate to the next level! It’s so heartwarming to see how much they care about all their students! Thank you, Waterloo for being amazing! Highly recommend to all!

Jenn and Mya Rojas

Waterloo Customer

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