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Our Core Lesson Program

Weekly swim lessons build the foundation for a life-saving & lifelong skill. The more consistently your child swims, the faster and greater the progress. Your swimmer will gain skills and build strength while enjoying their lessons. Skills are learned over time as good habits are created. Waterloo teaches swimmers the correct techniques to prepare them for the next level

A couple FAQ on our Weekly Lessons

  • All lesson classes are 30 minutes in length.
  • Purple and Blue classes are 3:1 swimmer/instructor ration, other classes are up to 6:1 in Intermediate.
  • We encourage swimmers to take a lesson at least once per week…with more than once per week to help your child’s progression.
  • When you are ready to start lessons with Waterloo, evaluate and register. You will start in the next class you register for when it is offered.
  • Questions on which class, program or group – come in for an Evaluation. Click HERE for the latest evaluation times.
  • $28 per lesson, billed monthly

    Why Choose Waterloo Swimming?

    • We create a fun yet challenging environment for the swimmers to learn in
    • Trained instructors…this is what we do year round
    • Each level & lesson has multiple skills being taught…giving the swimmers a chance to progress in other areas besides just one skill
    • Indoors…warm pool…relaxing place for parents to wait…why not Waterloo?
    • Classes from beginners through advanced swimming in the training pool.

    Swimming Programs We Offer

    Group Lessons


    • Little Loos – Infant, Babies and Toddlers: Waterloo Infants is a FREE 20 minute class that introduces baby and parent to the foundations of water safety and movement, for ages 6-12 months old. Waterloo Babies is for ages 12 to 20 months old, and Waterloo Toddlers is for ages 20 months to three years old. All Little Loo classes require its swimmers to wear a reusable swim diaper and a parent in the water.
    • Learn to Swim: Basic water safety and learn to swim unassisted on their front and back. We want the student to be comfortable in the water, have a beginning level of endurance for swimming, and understand water safety.
      • Purple: For our very beginning swimmers over 2.5 years of age. We focus on teaching safety and developing a comfort with being submerged. These are independent group lessons which do not require any parent participation.
      • Blue: For our beginning swimmers who are comfortable with holding their breath and being submerged, but have not yet learned to move through the water.
      • Orange: For developing swimmers who can swim a short distance with their face and eyes down in the water and float comfortably on their backs. We continue to focus on confidence and developing lifesaving skills such as elementary backstroke and breathing skills.
      • Beginners 7-11yr: For our beginning swimmers who are evaluated at or below Orange level skills and are between the ages of 7-11yrs old.
      • White: For students who can get three breaths in a row, by themselves. We focus on learning the freestyle and backstroke through arm stretching techniques, kicking and body positioning. Alternate kicking techniques such as dolphin and frog kick are introduced.
      • Novice 1: Held in our training pool for students with solid freestyle and backstroke skills. We work on improving side breathing and backstroke technique as well as build strong survival skills. Breaststroke is introduced.
    • Stroke School: Learn the four competitive strokes, racing starts, flip turns, and how to read clock. Taught in the training pool.
      • Novice 2: For students who have the skill and endurance to swim 25 yards freestyle with sidearm breathing, 25 yards backstroke and mastery of breaststroke kick. Dives and flip turns are introduced.
      • Intermediate: For students who can swim 50 yards freestyle and backstroke; and 25 yards legal breaststroke. Continue to build endurance and technique and complete legal butterfly. Students will also learn how to read the pace clock. Upon completion, you have given your swimmer the gift of fitness for life in swimming. You may choose Swim Fit or Swim Team as your next program.
      • Teen Stroke School: For swimmers who are evaluated between a Novice 1 and Intermediate level and are between the ages of 12-17yr.

    Swim Lessons Evaluations

    Every swimmer (except private lessons and adult swimmers) needs to be evaluated before their registration is complete unless otherwise approved by Waterloo. This includes all swimmers that have not taken Waterloo programming for 90 days or more. This evaluation allows us to make sure each swimmer is in the best class or group and is very important to their success.

    We offer free Swim Lesson and Swim Fitness evaluations on Saturdays between 12:30pm and 1:30pm at both locations, no appointment needed. Feel free to stop by anytime during that time period and we will get your swimmer evaluated. Email for any questions.

    Our Swim School Programs

    Thank you for choosing Waterloo. Through our programming, your child will learn not only life-saving skills but also the ability to swim for fitness throughout his/her life. You are truly giving your child a chance to be fit for life.

    Our Group Swim Lesson class size is up to 4 swimmers in a class. This low swimmer / teacher ratio gives your swimmer more repetitions during the class time. We currently have the Teaching Pool configured to 10′ x 20′ sections to space the kids out better. And the training pool swimmers are taught in a 25 yard lane.

    We are excited to be able to provide an indoor facility with a teaching pool for our Learn to Swim programs and then the ability to grow into our training pool(stroke school) to further improve swimming technique and endurance. Our teaching pool is maintained at a very comfortable 88*F while the training pool at 80*F.

    Our Program was developed years ago based on getting results for kids to learn to swim. Over the years we have fine-tuned the classes to make improvements as we developed new methods and techniques for teaching swimming skills.

    Each Learn to Swim and Stroke School class has four parts to it: Greeting, Warm-Up, Skill-work and Reward. Our instructors work to ensure each student feels welcome to the class and ready to learn new skills and/or grow current skills. Our levels of classes have multiple skills that need to be mastered prior to graduating to the next level. Our instructors have the capability to teach individual skills to each student in the class – so you might see each student working on different skills. Our reward system at the end of the class is for students that work hard and/or attempt new skills. We have found that this reward-based multi-skill class environment has yielded quicker results than solely focusing on one skill at a time.