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Our Partners

Here at Waterloo we partner with people and businesses that share our passion for swimming. With their help we are able to teach the life-long and life saving skill of swimming to children and adults in our community.

Maria Rowe Nutrition

Maria Rowe Nutrition

As a registered dietitian, personal trainer, and competitive masters runner, Maria uses her considerable knowledge of sports nutrition to assess the nutritional needs of athletes of all abilities, from recreational athletes to Olympic Trials qualifiers, top 10 NCAA recruits, and semi-pro athletes. She has worked extensively with high school and college athletes to create a foundation of healthy habits to support athletic performance, growth, development, and overall health, and continues to expand her knowledge through continuing education in sports nutrition, exercise science, and disordered eating. Maria is passionate about helping athletes reach their personal health and athletic performance goals through nutrition by providing individualized nutrition education, guidance, and support to create sustainable nutrition habits for life.

Waterloo Discount

20% off all nutrition coaching packages and pre-competition fueling plans for athletes and parents.

Austin Sports & Behavioral Health

Austin Sports Behavioral Health

Austin Sports Behavioral Health is a counseling and consulting practice that focuses on the unique mental health aspect of sports and its impact on athletes and their overall wellness. Our therapists have more than a half century of combined clinical experience and are committed to helping athletes at all levels overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. We believe that mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness in sport success. For every challenge, we help athletes recognize their strengths and create solutions.

Brad Kennington is a licensed marriage and family therapist/supervisor and a licensed professional counselor/supervisor. He has been practicing therapy in the Austin area for over 20 years and specializes in disordered eating and body image issues with a special focus on male eating disorders. It was through his work with eating disorders that Brad first began working with those involved in sports. He has consulted with elite, collegiate, high school and middle school athletes and those involved in recreational sports. In addition to treating athletes who struggle with eating and body image issues, Brad collaborates with athletes to address performance anxiety, sport injury and recovery, mood disorders, relationship dynamics with coaches and teammates and post-sport transition.

Eugenia (Jennie) Barr, Ph.D. is a licensed marriage and family therapist/supervisor in Texas and California, practicing for over 35 years specializing in victims of trauma-based issues and their impact on the family, professional endeavors and personal relationships. Dr. Barr’s focus in sports is on mental wellness and the mind-body-spirit interplay of successful competition, performance and transition for athletes. So many issues can impact an athlete’s ability to reach their potential, such as performance readiness, anxiety, personal belief in one’s own ability and the pressure to be ‘enough’, body image, competition with teammates and others, family and trauma history, effect of COVID-19 and more.

Enhanced Performance Therapy

Enhanced Performance Therapy

Kendal Jacobson is a Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist with over thirty years of experience in sports medicine. Her clients range from “fitness enthusiasts” to Olympians and Paralympians. As a former national-caliber swimmer and world-ranked masters swimmer, she appreciates the importance of maintaining a healthy body for resiliency and peak performance. Services provided: Mobile and Telehealth Physical Therapy, Sport Wellness Movement Analysis with Corrective Exercise Prescription, Athletic Training Load Management.

Waterloo Discount

20% off Physical Therapy and Sport Wellness Movement Analysis visits for athletes and parents.

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