Swim Team Group Move-Up Guidelines

Waterloo Swimming divides its practice groups based upon skill level and age. Moving up to a higher level is merit based.

With our practice groups, coaches are best able to focus on techniques, skills and intervals that are best suited for our swimmers’ development. We strive to develop the athlete in place and then provide a larger training program when the athlete is ready both mentally and physically for the next level. We take a long-term approach in setting up your athlete’s developmental path. Per Waterloo’s motto of Attendance + Effort = Success, we will factor in attendance and practice effort into the decision for moving into higher level groups as each level does require an increased level of commitment.

The Waterloo coaches want their swimmers to move up to the next level. We want to know your athlete and their swimming goals. The most effective way for our coaches to know your swimmer is by watching them swim in practice and at swim meets. The best indicator of how a swimmer will perform at the next level is based upon how they swim in practice today.
Swimmers and parents may inquire about a swimmer’s readiness for the next level at any time throughout the year. Coaches will consider the following when evaluating an athlete’s readiness for moving up:

  • Athlete’s Goals
  • Lane Leadership & Practice Attitude
  • Listening and implementing coach guidance
  • Attendance at practices & meets (please see each groups requirements)
  • Understanding drills & technique
  • Waterloo Test Set Performance
  • Perception of the athlete’s ability to handle the next level of practices

Moving to a higher level can be very challenging to athletes as well as their parents due to the increased time at the pool and/or the increased level of exertion in the new workouts. Waterloo typically moves athletes to the next level in August and April, for the beginning of the Short Course Season and Long Course Season. This is generally a good time to move kids as we ramp up for the season.

Once a swimmer is approved to move-up, we will work with you and your swimmer to build a successful transition plan. Sometimes the move is immediate and other times it is a transition over two to three weeks. This will vary swimmer to swimmer.

Waterloo Test Sets

WLOO Test Set 09-14-18

Fitness to Swim Team/Swim Team to Fitness

A Swim Fit swimmer (or parent) will need to notify the Swim Fit coach of interest moving to the swim team. The Swim Fit coach will assess the swimmer based on the above guidelines and ask the proposed Swim Team group coach to review the Swim Fit swimmer for readiness to move into the Swim Team group. The swimmer will tryout the prospective swim team group for three (3) practices to assess fit for the group per above guidelines. Moves between the groups may occur at any time of the year to Bronze 1 (at the beginning of a month), however the most seamless time is September or April for the other swim team groups.

A Swim Team member may move to a Swim Fit group at the beginning of any month.

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