Waterloo Swim School Policies

Please take the time to review our policies. These must be strictly enforced in order to meet our commitment of providing timely, quality service to all of our customers. We reserve the right to update these policies as needed.

Signing Up for Lessons

    • EvaluationsEvery swimmer (except private lessons and adult swimmers) needs to be evaluated before their registration is complete unless otherwise approved by Coach Andy or another Waterloo instructor. This includes all swimmers that have not taken Waterloo programming for 90 days or more. This evaluation allows us to make sure each swimmer is in the best class or group and is very important to their success. Please bring a swim suit and towel. Goggles and swim cap are optional. Please bring your Family Schedule to discuss class days & times.

      We offer free Swim Lesson and Swim Fitness evaluations on Saturdays between 12:30pm and 1:30pm at both locations, no appointment needed. Feel free to stop by anytime during that time period and we will get your swimmer evaluated. Email info@waterlooswimming.com for any questions.

    • Wait Lists: Many factors determine how we manage our wait list. We have a set number of lanes and hours to balance availability across all skill levels. Sometimes there is room at one level, but a wait list at another. We will not put a swimmer in a level that is not a good fit for them simply because there is availability or the practice time is more convenient. It would not be a good experience and potentially unsafe to have mixed level skills in a single class. Based on the length of the wait list and the amount of room available, priority may be given to swimmers of current members.
    • Request to change lesson date or time: We understand that families are busy and being pulled many directions throughout the year. If you need to change your child’s swim lesson time, please review all of our available swim classes and then complete our request form. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. We will provide up to four lesson transfers per calendar year. Additional requests may result in a charge. Transfers must be completed at least one week in advance.
    • No Future Enrollment: Waterloo is a year round, perpetual swim lesson program. When you enroll your child in a class, they will be expected at the very next available class. Waterloo will not hold spots for future enrollment.
    • Re-Enrollment: If you drop or withdraw from a class due to medical or personal reasons and re-enroll after 90 days of being out of Waterloo programming, your swimmer will need to be evaluated prior to re-enrolling into the class. This is to confirm the swimmers current level of abilities for the given class.

Lesson Policies

  • Late Arrival: If you are late or not ready when the instructor calls for your child, the instructor will only be able to swim the child for the remainder of the allotted lesson time. Please try to be on time and have your swimmer use the restroom before class.
  • Student Illness/Absence/Make Up Policy:
    • You are paying tuition for your spot in your weekly class. Please try to attend your scheduled classes. We do not offer make up classes.
    • If your child has a medical reason for not being able to attend for an extended period of time, please contact us about alternative arrangements, along with a doctor’s note regarding your swimmer’s ailment and impact to swimming. Management will get back with you regarding options.
  • Instructor Requests: We do not guarantee instructor requests, though they will be considered.
  • Instructor Absence: There may be occasions when our instructors are absent due to illness, vacation, or time away from work. In this event, another qualified instructor will provide your child’s lesson.
  • Low Enrollment: While not anticipated, we may need to cancel classes with two or fewer students in a class. We will work with you to find an alternative class.

Financial Matters

  • Payment Policy: Waterloo now processes all transactions electronically. We process charges on the first business day of the month. We accept VISA, MasterCard and Bank Draft.
  • Insufficient Funds: There is a $30 fee for each declined transaction. Tuition and fees must be paid before the next lesson. If a debit payment is declined twice, payment in full must be made by cashier’s check, money order, cash or credit card before the next lesson.
  • Pricing:
    • Group Lessons: The cost is $28 per lesson and is billed at the beginning of each month . If you choose to attend two classes per week, you will receive a 10% discount on the second class. Most months the cost will be $112/month. For months where there are 5 lessons in the month the charge will be $140.
    • Semi-Private Lessons: $62/child per 30 minute lesson
    • Semi-Private Weekly Lessons: We offer regularly scheduled Semi-Private Weekly Lessons billed monthly. These semi-private lessons are 2:1 and are $57 per lesson.
    • Private Lessons: $80 for 30 minutes
    • Private Weekly Lessons: We offer regularly scheduled Private Weekly Lessons billed monthly. These private lessons are 1:1 and are $75 per lesson.
    • Private Lessons with a USAS Coach: $95 for 30 minutes
    • Annual Family Registration Fee: $50 paid upon enrollment and renewed upon the beginning of the month of your start date. This fee is not prorated.
  • Prorating: Waterloo will prorate monthly tuition for the following reasons:
    • Beginning or Ending Lessons mid-month
    • Scheduled closures and holidays
    • Please note that we do not prorate the annual family registration fee.
    • Fitness Time Off: Waterloo Fitness groups (Swim Fit 1, 2, and Masters) take off major holidays, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, etc. There is no pro-rating masters group tuition for time off. We will prorate Swim Fit 1 and Swim Fit 2. Unlike swim lessons Masters has multiple days of the week options to attend practice.
  • Withdrawal from Lessons: Lessons may conclude any time during the month. We require 30 days written notice before withdrawing from all programming so that we have time to settle your account. Your final bill will be prorated if necessary

Swim Diapers

We require all children under 3 years old and any children who are not completely potty trained to wear a reusable swim diaper. This diaper must be snug fitting and non-disposable. We have these at the front desk. If your swimmer has an accident in the pool which causes us to have to close the pool and your swimmer is not wearing a proper swim diaper, your account will be charged.

Photographs and Videos

Waterloo may take photos recordings and videos. We may use those images for advertising, social media, promotional activities and/or educational use. If you have a legal reason for not allowing photographs or videos, please make a comment in the registration notes.

Security and Personal Property

Waterloo Swimming trusts that their customers would never take things that do not belong to them. That being said, sometimes items get misplaced, and yes, sometimes taken. Waterloo Swimming is not responsible for lost or stolen items.