Swim Fitness Classes and Training Programs

If you or your child is looking for a great way to stay fit and healthy while doing something, swimming is for you. Whether you are continuing your swim training into competitive swimming, training for a triathlon or simply swimming to stay fit we have a swim fitness or training program for you.

Swim Fitness

Swimmers in this program are trained to perfect their strokes and build endurance. This is a great way to build a lifelong exercise program.

    • Swim Fitness: Swim Fitness programs are designed for swimmers who are not interested in competition, for those wanting Off Campus PE credit, or for summer league swimmers who do not want to commit to year round competitive training. We work on stroke mechanics, sportsmanship and the rules of competitive swimming.
        • Swim Fit 1 is offered on Fridays or Saturdays.
        • Swim Fit 2 is offered on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.
        • *Swim Fit 5 is no longer offered.

      Our practices are geared to create a fun atmosphere for instruction, getting in shape, staying in shape or cross training for other sports. Coaches will run a Fitness Check periodically. Depending upon the swimmer’s abilities, different measurements may be taken for each kid. Following the Fitness Check, the results will be posted the following week on the bulletin board.

    • Intro to Lap Swimming: Let us help you to feel good about swimming laps in the pool. We will teach you how to do flip turns, read the clock, understand the workouts, along with stroke improvement. This class is the bridge between adult swim lessons to adult swim fitness classes.
    • Adult Fitness: We offer US Masters Swimming program and triathlon training for adults with varying skills who have the ability to swim a minimum of 50 yards freestyle and backstroke. Competition is not required. These classes are great for triathletes and triathlon training.

Swim Fitness 1 and 2

For students who have completed the Waterloo Learn to Swim Program and the Stroke School Program and who now want to swim for fitness or have busy schedules, but want to stay swimming year round. We will continue to work on stroke mechanics, sportsmanship, and the rules of competitive swimming. Students will swim drills, kicking and laps to build strength and endurance. Practices are geared to create an enjoyable atmosphere for instruction. A fun and great way to get in shape, stay in shape, or cross train for other sports. Swim Fit 1 is offered on Fridays or Saturdays. Swim Fit 2 is offered on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.

Required Equipment: Swim Bag, Kickboard, Goggles, Fins, Centermount Snorkel

Group Program
Ages: 6 to 17 years

Pre-Requisite: Pass Intermediate Skills
Fifteen Students per Instructor

45 minute or 60 minute class (see details of class)

Swim Fit 1 – $20 per class, billed monthly
Swim Fit 2 – $18 per class, billed monthly

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North Location (FM 620)
Central Location (Anderson Lane)

Homeschool Swim Training

Waterloo is offering the following class times for the 2023-24 season for our homeschoolers:

  • Home School 2: Tuesday and Thursday 2:40p-3:30p (NW)
  • Home School 2: Friday 2:30p – 3:20p (CEN)

(Note: **No changing location, day or time week to week.**)

The 2023-34 session runs from September 5th, 2023 through April 30th, 2024. These classes are conveniently offered in a heated, indoor, training pool. Our home school practice is a fun class for swimmers to improve their technique and work on physical endurance. Our practices will be geared to create an exciting and motivating atmosphere for instruction, create a lifelong love for the sport, and instill positive sportsmanship.

Required Equipment: Swim Bag, Kickboard, Goggles, and Fins

Group Program
Students must have graduated Waterloo’s Novice 1 level or be able to:

  • Swim a 25 Freestyle with side breathing
  • Swim a 25 Backstroke
  • Tread water for 3 minutes
  • Float on back

Home School 2 class: $15/class; billed monthly at the beginning of the month. Waterloo Annual $50 Family Registration and 30 day withdrawal notice still apply.

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North Location (FM 620)
Central Location (Anderson Lane)

Intro to Lap Swimming

For adults wanting to bridge from swim lessons to Adult Swim Fitness. We will work on all of the strokes and proper technique. We will teach you how to do flip turns, read the clock, understand swim workouts and get you ready for adult swim fitness.

Requirements: Must be able to swim at least one length freestyle with side breath and one length backstroke in the competitive pool.

Class Structure:
(10 min) Individual warm ups – There will be a written warm up but it will be customizable to each participant
(15 min) Stroke of the week – Drills, turns, swim equipment etc.
(15 min) Swim set (“the workout part”)
(5 min) Cool down

See open class days/times below
$30 per class billed monthly

North Location (FM 620)
Central Location (Anderson Lane)

US Masters Swimming and Triathlon Training

US Masters Swimming and Triathlon Training

Waterloo Swimming Master Gold ProgramFor adults who are able to swim freestyle and backstroke 50 yards, unassisted. Great program for those wishing to get in shape, stay in shape, train for triathlons, or cross training. These classes are perfect for triathletes, fitness training and competitive swimmers. These classes require USA Masters Swimming Registration.

Group Information:
Masters Swimmers can come to any workout offered. If you are interested in joining, email info@waterlooswimming.com to book your free trial practice!

Requirements: Swim freestyle and backstroke unassisted for 50 yards

Equipment: Swim bag, Kickboard, Goggles, Fins, Pull Buoy and Pulling Paddles

NW Location: AM Practice Monday – Thursday: 6:00am – 7:30am, Friday – Saturday: 6:00am – 7:00am

Central & NW Location: Noon Practice Monday – Friday: 12:00p – 1:00pm

Cost: $95 per month
Requires USA Masters Swimming Registration

Waterloo Swimming - North
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Waterloo Swimming - Central
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