Eegan Groome

Coach Lucas has been in the fitness field for more than ten years and is excited to bring his expertise to Waterloo Swimming.

Coach Lucas loves to drink coffee, read, dance, sing, collect cars, eat seafood, do hop-scotch, build toy rockets, visit the local Denny’s, skip stones on the lake, feed seagulls, ride his unicycle, read in pig Latin, eat grilled cheese sandwiches, look at the sun, walk backwards, climb trees, fill his car with premium gas for no reason, collect art, travel the country with the circus, recite Shakespeare, watch old black and white movies, meditate, drink tea, play darts blindfolded, run barefoot in the rain, do cartwheels, boxing, train his 8 horses, walk through the cereal aisle art HEB and not buy anything due to his recent gluten intolerance that is slowly making life difficult because Coach Lucas loves that gluten life, checkers.

His favorite events are the 200 I.M. and 200 Breaststroke.

Waterloo Swimming

12332 N FM 620
Austin, Texas 78750

(512) 401-3404

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Pool temperatures:
Lessons Pool - 89°
Olympic Pool - 82°

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