Intro to Mermaiding

Summer 2018


Mermaiding has grown in popularity and new products like monofins and mermaiding tails are as easy to find as a trip to Target or a brief search on Amazon. This class’ objective is to encourage a swimmer’s imagination and desire to explore, while equipping him/her with the tools needed to be safe and successful.


1. Mermaiding Safety Rules
2. Mermaid floating, undulation, and sculling
3. Deep-dive retrievals and recoveries
4. Environmental awareness and water conservation


This is a one-time enrollment in an Intro to Mermaiding course which is 45 minutes in length. The class will cover the aforementioned goals and cost $40 to participate. Groups will be limited to a 6:1 ratio and open to enrollments from swimmers who have completed Waterloo’s Orange level curriculum or can demonstrate these skills in an evaluation. Swimmers not currently participating in Waterloo programs may be subject to the $40 Annual Registration Fee at time of enrollment.

Classes will be held in the teaching pool on Saturdays at 2:30p beginning June 2nd and may be offered weekly through July 28th pending demand.