Hi everyone this is Lucas from Waterloo Swimming I’m here to tell you about how you can prepare easily for meals leading up to championship meets. An easy rule of thumb without measuring cups is to use your own hand. So for carbohydrate foods a palms width. So go from the bottom of your palm to the tip of your finger, that’s how many carbs you want per meal. For your fat, the thumb and the bottom of your palm to the tip of your thumb, that’s how much fat you should have in breakfast, lunch and dinner. And for protein, a fist size. So from the bottom of your wrist here to the top middle finger. That’s how much protein you should have. So a nice pork chop something like that. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. those are the three things easy portions that you can use when you guys are preparing for championship meets. So for example, when you’re looking at your plate you can see like ‘hey does my pasta fit from my bottom up on my palm to the tip of my finger?’ If it does then you’re in a good spot. So when you’re just looking at your plate, I’m not saying grab your food, unless you want to of course, you can always just see like hmmm that looks right we can use a little bit more here and always have that protein. A good rule of thumb also is eat your fruits and vegetables first. They digest faster and you’ll get your nutrients a lot quicker instead of it being protein first, making you feel sluggish at a race. And then you’re kind of in trouble when it gets time for that 200 butterfly. Again I’m Coach Lucas at Waterloo Swimming. Make sure you eat smart, have fun, and race fast!