Pool and Facility Cleaning
Here at Waterloo Swimming, we take our pools and facility cleanliness seriously. It is important to us that the pools are kept at a high standard of clean for our customers and staff. Here are a few things we do:
• Waterloo follows Texas and Williamson County regulations on pool maintenance. We are certified to operate by Williamson County. Williamson County does random checks as well as annual checks.
• We use liquid bleach for sanitization of the water. We keep the PPM levels in the range per the health codes along with PH levels.
• We monitor the pools chemistry multiple times throughout the day as well as our state-of-the-art electronic pool monitoring systems.
• In addition to Chlorine and Ph levels, we test Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Dissolved Solids, and Cyanuric Acid levels
• Our pools have State of the Art UV Systems. Each pool has a high-quality UV water purification system that keeps the water clean. When water is pumped through our UV system, ultraviolet light rays kill dangerous germs and inactivates viruses.

Our facility is also important for a high-level standard of cleanliness. Our staff takes pride in cleaning the facility as a component of their job description. Here is a list of things we do:
• We have always followed CDC cleaning protocols and those set out by other health professionals and authorities
• We also use CDC recommended cleaning products
• The facility is wiped down between programs, including high traffic areas and all door handles, tables, chairs, toilets, etc.
• Disinfecting wipes are available throughout the facility and in changing areas.
• Cleaning by our professional agency occurs every evening and, as always, they will use commercial-grade cleaning supplies approved by the CDC. Additional deep cleans are utilized as needed
• Hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility

If you have any questions on pool sanitization or facility cleaning, please ask us.
Mike and Gwyn