Each year we have some families that consider suspending their club swimming during the summer because of summer league. Here at Waterloo we encourage our swimmers to continue their club practice – using our programming for training, and summer league meets as a chance to race a few more times this summer and bond with friends from past summer league seasons.

Here are a few of the questions that we get aske to help you clear up any confusion:

Q: Do summer league swimmers affiliated with a year round program have to swim up? (i.e. an 11 yr old year round swimmer had to race against the 13-14 yr olds)

A: The summer leagues removed that rule a couple years ago, so swimmers race in their age group.

Q: Is year round swim practice harder than summer league practice?

A: Typically yes, however we have been training your swimmer and have gotten to know what they can do, and will continue to build on their skills.

Q: Can I attend year round practice and summer league practices?

A: You can attend WLOO practices. Most summer league teams would like you to attend at least one practice with them and they will work with your swimmer on days to attend their practice.(i.e. Donut Friday)

Q: Can I attend both USA and Summer League swim meets?

A: Yes, you can swim attached to both swim teams because they are affiliated to two different organizations. There are multiple Sunday meets at Waterloo this summer that are perfect for summer league swimmers!

If you have a swimmer in both club and summer league and are unsure what to do this summer, please reach out to your coach to discuss how to structure/organize your swim schedule for the summer in order to maintain both club & summer league benefits. We will work with you to organize a healthy plan for your swimmer’s success!