Hi this is Coach Mike from Waterloo Swimming and I am from Austin, Texas. You are watching one of our nutritional series. Hope you enjoy.

Hi this is Liz from Waterloo in Austin and I’m here to talk to you about how to take snacks on the go.

So we’ve been talking about how food is fuel for the engine. So instead of waiting and driving a long way to the gas station, it’s much easier to have food ready to fill that tank.

When I was a swim mom I used to encourage my kids to look at food as fuel for their body. Some food is prepackaged-bananas, oranges, easy to take on the go. Other snacks we would make my favorite were bags from Target. They’re actually portioned bags that allowed my kids to see how much-that’s one cup of vegetables. They were able to pack it and take it with them during the day and eat it whenever they got hungry. Some other ideas some snacks you can purchase already prepared for travel on the go. And the options nowadays have much more healthy. Here’s an oatmeal fruit squeeze, beef jerky. Also a variety of thermoses and insulated containers that will keep your food and snacks cold or warm. A thermal can store warm oatmeal, soup, casseroles, hot chocolate. It can also keep drinks and smoothies.

This is Coach Liz wishing you a great day at the pool and some great healthy eating.