Dry skin
So it’s winter time and my swimmer is telling me that their skin is itchy and dry…why? Did the pool guy turn up the chlorine levels? Likely not…it’s the dry weather that is causing your swimmer’s skin to dry out. So, first…swimmers are likely to have drier skin that non-swimmers. While you would think that the water helps moisturize the skin, it is actually the chemicalss in swimming pools that dry out your skin. During many months of the year there is enough moisture / humidity in the air that helps our swimmer’s skin not dry out. But during the winter months we usually have drier days, which will dry out your swimmer’s skin faster. Here’s a couple tips to help your swimmer’s skin:
  1. Remove make-up. Chems in the pool and some make-up can cause the skin to react negatively. So scrub off make-up before entering the pool.
  2. After swimming, rinse off. A shower after swimming helps wash off the pool water and adds a bit of hydration to the skin.
  3. Dry off all your skin. It’s best to use a dry towel and dry your entire body. Leaving drops of water on the skin can cause dryness.
  4. Add Lotion. Some experts suggest an oil-based lotion is best and other suggest a lotion with ceramides and alpha hydroxy acid to hydrate and help restore the pH balance of your skin, respectively. See what works best for your swimmer’s skin.
  5. Stay hydrated. Your athlete should be drinking plenty of water all day…but another great reason to drink water is for your skin’s health.
Enjoy your winter swimming!