#H2OLOOFastFoodFriday – Episode 5 – Coach Jason – Caloric Intake

Hi guys this is Jason from Waterloo Swimming. I’m here to talk to you guys about your caloric balance throughout the season. One thing that’s very important for my athletes is as they go through the season and their training loads change, they have to balance out their diet to meet those demands. The demands of a normal swimmer are about 600 to 700 calories for normal swimming and can go up to anywhere around 1600 calories for two hours. So as we go
through the season and you increase the intensity and we increase the volume, we like to see our swimmers be able to meet that with their diet.

Now the different types of food that you eat will affect your swimming in different ways. So as a rule of thumb we have asked the athletes to come talk to us with specifics on that. I know other coaches are going to discuss specific demands pre, during, and post practice. I’m just here to tell you make sure you’re keeping a balanced plate. Make sure you’re increasing your caloric value throughout the season.

Some little tips when you are trying to count your calories per meal. You want to look at the nutritional facts on anything that’s given to you. It’s not an “eat the entire box situation.” A lot a lot of foods are broken in to cup sizes or half portions or quarter portions. So make sure you are looking at your nutritional facts to figure out what your calorie counts are. Also there are many apps out there that will help you determine when you don’t have those nutritional facts a general standard for what each food gets you caloric-ally.

Now let’s talk about when we want to eat these calories. During the day we have three major meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. 20% of the calories should go into your breakfast, 30% during lunch and 20% during dinner. We have snacks throughout the days to fill in the rest of the percentage that last 30%. One of them early, between breakfast and lunch. One of them pre-workout, one of them post-workout to help fuel the workout and help your recovery.

Again this is coach Jason with Waterloo Swimming. Have a great rest of your day and have a great swim practice!