#H2OLOOFastFoodFriday – Episode 8 – Coach Amber – Fueling your body everyday

Hi this is Coach Amber here at Waterloo Swimming in Austin, Texas. I’m here to talk to you about fueling up your body proactively.

Here’s a few tips. Never miss a meal. Everyday should start off with a glass of water and a well balance breakfast. Here’s a few ideas for a well balanced breakfast. Start off with some eggs, a glass of milk, refried beans and an avocado.

Stay well hydrated. Every athlete should drink water at least every two hours while you’re awake during the day. This will prevent you from getting dehydrated. Here’s a tip, carry a water bottle with you and every time you pass a water fountain, refill it.

Keep healthy snacks such as almonds, fresh fruits and vegetables readily available and mini meals to eat in between meals during the day.

#H2OLOOFastFoodFriday – Episode 8 – Coach Amber – Fueling your body everyday

Stay away from fast foods and processed food. Read the labels and make sure that the food is nutritious that comes in packages.

Be proactive. Don’t wait for signs of depletion. Stay well fueled everyday.

Again, this is Coach Amber with Waterloo Swimming I hope you stay fueled up everyday!