We are partial to swimming – of course – because it’s what we do. A few of us at Waterloo were sitting around and noodling on why you should want your kids to learn to swim. We all agreed, by teaching your kids to swim, you are investing in your their safety and fitness future.

We realize that there is the whole lifesaving aspect to swimming and we truly believe that at the very least everyone should learn how to be a “strong swimmer”. According to USA Swimming, nearly 10 people a day drown in the United States and more than one in five of those drownings are children under 14. Here in Central Texas there are many options for swimming – lakes, rivers, pools, streams, etc. All bodies of water are a hazard if not taken seriously and with caution. Being a strong swimmer provides your child with a better chance at either getting themselves out of a bad swimming situation or survival swimming until help arrives. Children who have taken swimming lessons can reduce their risk of drowning by 88%!

However, there is also the fitness aspect to swimming. Long after football, gymnastics, track and field, baseball, soccer . . . when our bodies are worn down as adults and we can no longer effectively play other sports . . . there’s swimming. Swimming is a low impact fitness activity that is proven to burn calories. It is typically considered an aerobic exercise, but exercising in water also provides moderate resistance. Building and maintaining muscle, especially as you grow older, is essential for a healthy body and a long life. Fitness includes mental acuity as well. Research cited by USA Swimming suggests that children involved in swimming early on reach their developmental milestones sooner than those kids not in swimming. Language development, confidence and physical development are all acquired sooner in swimmers.

So while your 3, 7, or 11 year old child does not thank you for taking him or her to swim lessons or swim practice . . . we’ll say it – “Thank you for Investing in your Kid’s Fitness Future”

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