Waterloo Indoor Pools

Here at Waterloo Swimming in Austin Texas, we have two indoor pools in which we run all our programming. We often get asked what is the difference in water temperature and what programs are in each.  Below will describe each pool and what programs are in either.

The teaching pool measures 20 ft by 40 ft and is 89 degrees warm. It is 3 feet 8 inches in depth allowing older kids to stand up when teaching. We teach the following programs in this pool: Toddlers, Purple, Blue, Orange, White, Adult Beginner…as well as Water Aerobics. In order to graduate to the Olympic pool from this pool a swimmer must be able to swim freestyle with side breathes for 20 feet, backstroke with leg kick for 20 feet, and a 1 minute back float.

The Olympic pool measures 25 yards by 50 meters. The meter length is the standard race format for the Olympics every four years. Most days, Waterloo has the lane lines set up for 25 yards of practice. The pool is 82 degrees and slopes from 5 feet 2 inches at the shallow end to 8 foot at the deep end. Waterloo teaches the following programs in this pool: Novice 1, Novice 2, Intermediate, Mermaiding, Adult Advanced/Intro to Lap/Masters, Summer League Prep, Homeschool, Swim Fitness and Swim Team. In order to graduate from our lesson program (last class is Intermediate) a swimmer must be able to swim 3×50 yards both freestyle and backstroke, 50 yards legal breaststroke, 25 yards legal butterfly, flip and open turns, and a racing start off the deck.

The swim team races 25 yards (“Short Course”) at swim meets from September through March, then 50 meter (“Long Course”) from April through August.

If you have questions about the facility or programming please email us at Info@WaterlooSwimming.com.